Phoenix Alpha Ecliptic?

Discussion started by DrBob, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. DrBob

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  2. Korbz

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  3. extinctary

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    I was also curious about this razor. I love the idea that more companies are making reproductions of expensive vintage unobtanium razors. I wasnt sure about the aluminium, but Ive got the bakelite open comb from Phoenix, an I think its an amazing razor. So Ill eventually bite on this one to I think.
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  4. DrBob

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    Excellent. Let us know what you think!
  5. Errol

    Errol Member

    An interesting concept in design. Would like to have a look at one.
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  6. It's definitely got more substantial feel than the Bakelite. I was shocked with the solidity of this razor. I've used other aluminum razors, all of which feel flimsy, this feels unbreakable, just light. I'm in love with it mate
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  7. It's an absolute beauty!! Efficient as too!!
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  8. extinctary

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    Ha, I feel the RAD kicking in, If only I didnt have 8 razors already incoming. :ROFLMAO:
  9. RustyBlade

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    The aluminium they use in modern razors is a strong, rigid and corrosion resistant.
    Not like vintage razors which don't last and usually fail with the thread first.
    Don't let this stop you purchasing a modern one.
    Tempted too with this one (y)
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  10. Sticky

    Sticky Just 17 days and then... 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    I love the look of the razor and have been tempted but I'm hanging on for the Phoenix Gem SE, coming soon, I think
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