Plastic free July help needed.


... had his first - 15/8/20
Sep 3, 2018
Hey guys. One week away or so from 'Plastic free July' where you aim to reduce and even cut out single use plastic for reusable options. Being wet shavers you are already doing that even if it's not the primary reason.

I've teamed up with Parker razors on my Instagram to offer a lucky couple interested in sustainability a his/hers razor set. That gets them started along the journey together and hopefully shows a few more the benefits.

I've also challenged all my guy educator workmates to try the switch for the month. I have spare razors I'll hand out to them.

What I am lacking to provide is a brush to them or the comp winners. I have a brush rotation of 1 boar and 1 badger.

If anyone is looking at earning some serious earth karma could you contact me about any brushes sitting getting no love that can get re homed to some newbies to use. I've got some spare Proraso green I'll put in sample pots to last the month for all too.

Looking forward to inspecting the school principal's shave at assembly in July 😁.

Cheers if anyone can help. If not just spreading the word is good. I hope it's ok to post this request.