Poor edge - Strop more or less???


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Feb 1, 2016
So as I mentioned in the SOTD thread, the edge on my razor isn't what it should be. Not terrible, but I'm not real happy with it either.

I have been doing 50 laps on the leather pre-shave. Should I maybe do more in an attempt bring the edge back? I have CROX on the back of the strop. Maybe I'm in need of a few laps up and down it?

I might move the strop to the table top tonight as I have seen recommended in a video and see if that helps.

I wanted to tidy up/close off this thread in case someone came after me looking for with the same question. I was given some advice which has turned out to be the solution which was thus;

Strop 3 x up and back on the crox. Go slow and gentle. Then 100 x up and back on the leather. Finally, test the edge on the next shave. If the result is desirable, but not quite there, repeat. Above all, go easy on the crox as it can dull the edge. (y)

Thanks again to the anonymous advisor... I really appreciate it.