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Discussion started by Rami, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Rami

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    I have never actually bought a fragrance for myself . Always been gifted stuff,
    From the ones I have been gifted here are the ones I like. I don’t know why I like them and what I should investigate further, ideas would be much appreciated. The last one is the one I like best if that’s any help.

  2. Kaeckerut

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    My advice is to go to a fragrance counter and just smell a lot of different fragrances. Make sure to limit yourself though. Coffee beans don't actually work so you might need to go over multiple days. And avoid buying the same day you try. Wear it for a day to make sure you like the scent.

    I think the ones you like are a similar genre to Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male. (Male torso bottle).
    I would recommend trying some of the Tom Ford private blends for variety.
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  3. Monsta_AU

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    I'd suggest the fragrance counter and spray one on each wrist, wait an hour and sniff. If you just spray the sample paper you will not understand how it works on you.

    I'd echo the Guerlain Homme above, also try their Vetiver. They are one of the original french houses of perfumery with an amazing history and catalogue of amazing scents and especially on the women's side. My absolute fave from them is the L'instant pour Homme, EdT is good but the EdP is amazing. It has cocoa notes with some citrus up top, a little spice, a little floral. Excellent refined all-rounder in a slightly more formal setting.

    Tom Ford is another house I really enjoy - so many to choose from. Grey Flannel, Grey Vetiver, Noir Extreme, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood. Seriously, you could spend a heap of money on 2-3 bottles and still not have enough!

    Aquatics - Aqua di Gio & L'eau d'Issey. Azzaro Chrome, and other Azzaro flankers. Solid performers, gets plenty of comments.

    Check the Creed range out (David Jones has them) - Green Irish Tweed (aka GIT) which you know as the inspiration for Suitably Attired Australian, Aventus, Silver Mountain Water. Very expensive with many over $300 per bottle, suggest getting these from International sites wherever possible to save 30% or more. Makes @todras prices look cheap as chips in comparison.

    Otherwise, the list of popular ones goes like this... have a sniff and if you like them we can suggest something else similar. My recommendations in bold:
    • Terre d'Hermes (highest rated scent a few years back)
    • Dior Sauvage
    • Dior Homme Intense
    • Paco Rabanne 'One Million'
    • JPG 'Le Male' (also Thierry Mugler 'A*Men')
    • Chanel - Bleu de Chanel
    • Chanel - Anateus
    • Chanel - Allure Homme Sport
    • Versace Eros (Similar to your Givenchy Fresh Attitude which is discontinued)
    • Gucci Guilty
    • YSL La Nuit de l'Homme
    • Viktor & Rolfe Spicebomb
    You should be able to find most of these easily, and if you have an idea of what smells good and works for you then we can go deeper.
  4. todras

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    Mens biz now stocks the Creed range too (including the new one Viking), and yes they are just as pricey.
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  5. Rami

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    Thanks guys. I think I will go over to the counter as suggested. Only a few days until sabbatical is over
  6. borked

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    Or you could come to a meet up and ask me to bring some of my collection...
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  7. UKSteve

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    I was trying to keep the price reasonable. If you wanted something a bit more niche that is very classy, versatile, elegant, inoffensive and has absolute beastly longevity then try and get a sample of Profumum Roma Antico Caruso.
    If you like JPG Le Male and Boellis Panama 1924 then I’d say you’d love AC which is in the same ‘ball park’ and hammers both for quality.
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  8. SpeedyPC

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    @Rami if you're looking for a great spring and summer scent during the day I would recommended L'eau D'issey Pour Homme click here, I do also love Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme is also a great for spring and summer seasons too.
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  9. TomG

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    Great post @Monsta_AU .

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