Review Shampoo Bars - a personal journey!

Discussion started by Mark1966, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Mark1966

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    I am

    It is interesting

    I'm had the same experience with the shampoo I was using too prior to the bars and I DID have a period of transition but then things settled. When under particular pressure I noticed some but not the with charcoal bar. Will see how that goes and then experiment
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  2. Adam

    Adam Member

    I might have missed the reason on skimming the thread yesterday, and don't want to go through 7 pages again. But when I got my shampoo bar I also got a conditioner bar. What is the reason for the apple cider vinegar rinse? As opposed to a conditioner?
  3. Mark1966

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    Instead of really - to rinse out residual soap.
    This is the most commonly recommended approach around the place.
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  4. TomG

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    Spot on @Mark1966 - I use the vinegar rinse once a fortnight for this purpose.

    @Adam - I occasionally use the conditioning bar, but not every shampoo. The use of these three products has given me the best hair health I have experienced to date.
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  5. TomG

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    @Mark1966 and @Adam - I've just seen that BATB has introduced an alternative product to their vinegar rinse (for the same purpose).
    I guess to address the fact that many folks are not that keen on the vinegar smell and/or skin reaction. I'm fine with the vinegar and still use it routinely, but this new product looks interesting.
    Below is a link to the new product, which is called Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse. With either product, the stated aim is "to remove the silicone plasticisers in commercial conditioners and the last residues of shampoo soap."
    Works for me.
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  6. Adam

    Adam Member

    Ok interesting I would give that a crack
  7. Jase

    Jase Member

    Damn this forum, I'd never heard of Shampoo bars before but I've just ordered the Shampoo bar sample pack from BATB to give it a try.
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  8. Sxot

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    Glad you brought this thread back up @Jase

    A follow up of my experience:
    I've been washing my hair with Washpools and then in the last couple of weeks my own soap. I use the same bar for body and hair. The dandruff did kick up for a bit but I think once I sorted out the frequency of washing it has settled and all is normal again. I go for every three to four days. I have started using a spray bottle with 75% ACV for the rinse. The first time I left it in but I could smell it for days. No one else could, but I could. Now I rinse it out. My hair is noticeably more shiny, silky and soft with the rinse. I would say it's very much akin to conditioner.

    In my formulating the body bars I have found I don't like higher concentrations of superfat in the soap. It makes my skin sticky - which is due to the (good) oils left from the soap - until I am properly dry. I have been thinking though, a shampoo bar with a high level of super fat is worth a try. I have some castile (pure olive oil) curing at the moment but it won't be ready for many months yet. I get good results and super convenience with the dual purpose bars I am using now though. The other thing I want to try is upping the glycerine and see how that feels both on the body and in the hair.
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  9. nav1

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    More and more, I'm finding that any good bar soap works great as a shampoo bar.

    Recently, I paused my dindi shampoo soap and used the dindi bar soap and it worked very nicely also.

    I will try my speick bar soap next to see how it goes. I will also try MWF bar soap.
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  10. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    Thought I'd give a little, I have found tallow bath soaps don't make the best shampoo bars but pretty much any good quality veggie bath soap works great!

    I've now used all 3 scent variants of dindi bath soap and they work wonderfully, as does an almond/rose local artisan soap.

    I'm very happy with how these bars leave my hair clean and smooth plus the extra volume is appreciated.
  11. Sxot

    Sxot Member

    I dunno about that. I have four tallow body soap formulations now in my journey down the soap rabbit hole as @bald_as puts it. I have used all of them successfully as shampoo. Maybe it's a hair type thing? PM me you address and I'll send you some of mine to try if you are willing to give some feedback (privately or publicly, doesn't matter).
  12. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    That's quite interesting. Perhaps the soaps I tried were not suitable as a shampoo bar.

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