Squadron - Seasonal Release - 'Dispatch Rider'

Discussion started by SchoolForAnts, Aug 10, 2018.

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    A seasonal release from Squadron - 'Dispatch Rider'

    Scented only with essential oils, the idea for this soap came to me as I was riding my motorcycle through the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley one afternoon. We had a little rain earlier that morning, and the air was heavy with that moist, earthy scent, accented by a whiff of the first few flowers that the weather here had tricked the landscape into thinking it was spring. I thought it would make for a great shaving soap - perfect for the time of year where Winter meets Spring.

    'Dispatch Rider' has the same soap base we use for all our products, scented with Vetiver and finest French Lavender.

    Take a ride with me across the countryside, and grab yourself a tub of 'Dispatch Rider'!

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    Damn this sounds good!!!
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