Wolfpac shaving has closed its doors.

Discussion started by lerenau, May 16, 2018.

  1. lerenau

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  2. Mark1966

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    Sad ::(

    So the sample in the PCTB5 (and I think remains of a tub with @gthomas04) are now rare unobtainium!
  3. SpeedyPC

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  4. Kaeckerut

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    Wow. I was on their site earlier today because I saw a post on another forum from December mentioning they were out of stock of all their soaps. They were still out of stock when I checked and I guess this explains why.

    There is still stock on The Stray Whisker of 4 of the varieties if anyone wants to stock up.
  5. borked

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    I may be mistaken, yet wasn't it owned by a member here?
  6. SpeedyPC

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    Wolfpac was a member here on P&C, I'm not 100% sure?
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  7. Razor Burn

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    What a shame as it was my first soap that I purchased :(
  8. todras

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    I heard about this a few months ago via a UK vendor as they began winding up, it's always sad when an Aussie vendor shutters. The pressures of the current market with so many players is making it very difficult for those without an edge or a standout presence to remain viable.
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  9. sealer

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    I own one of his soaps and still have a sample of another. It is always sad to see a local manufacturer closing its doors, and I am not sure the reasons easily. AS I said to a friend some time ago making awesome dishes won't make you a profitable chef... there is a lot in the run that is not linked with the quality of a product (and I had not the best experiences with Wolfpac, it was nice, but it leave my skin a bit too dry, but I know many people that liked it a lot) but also there is a lot regarding bussines strategy, management of costs, unexpected losses, taxes etc...
    I just hope this is the result of personal decision or a change on the views of the Wolf family and not a financial/family problem.... Diversity is a keystone element of or shaving hobby, and it becames reduced as anyone closes their doors
    P.s> I was about to put on sale the Italian orchard tub with the Thomas tew splash. I will now restrain myself, not for earnin millions by selling it in a coupe of years, but for keeping a vbit of Ozzy Shaving history, as I keep a bit of the old tallow Shaver heaven soaps...
  10. Drubbing

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    You see a lot of this - enthusiasts trying to make a business out of a hobby. It won't always work, even if the product is good. A very niche market, and already saturated with good and classic products that can all do the same thing, and do it just as well - for many people.
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  11. lerenau

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    To be fair, that's how businesses start. So, credit where due.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Most of us never even got *that* far.
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  12. mark123abc0

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    I really enjoy the Wolfpac I have, it's a shame to see them go
  13. Drubbing

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    My wife has her own business. Been going 20+ years and maintaining clients without any advertising $$ whatsoever, or stock or premises to run. But she's selling expertise, not consumable products. Plenty of small businesses operate this way. When you had to add lots of other variables, overheads and costs, the risk increases.
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  14. lerenau

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    I have a lot of respect for anyone who runs their own business and takes it seriously.
    It must require a huge amount of determination and commitment.

    *tips hat
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