TF Custom Shaving Brushes

Jun 28, 2017
The Ghost has arrived perfectly packed in a very nice acrylic transparent cage. I have already make the first lather to remove the faint scent of wet, dead dog of the fur, and after another one it may be ready for a night shave. It is more beautiful than it looks on pictures (like most brushes), so even better, as it already looks cute. Now I have to do some research regarding high mountain hair, that already, has flourish after first odor-cleaning lathering :)

Thanks Tony!


Now you, moderators, please restrict my access to any message related to selling brushes, I still have another one being manufactured right now back in Spain :facepalm:


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Oct 10, 2013
Thanks Fer, Enjoy !! (y)
There is still another 4 TF Custom Shaving Brushes left at this special deal price, and I am really surprised there is no takers on the Australian Burl and tinted resin brushes :rolleyes:
Probably as they're only 24/26mm my friend :(