A Quicker Way To Break In A Boar Brush by mantic59

Discussion started by SpeedyPC, Sep 1, 2017.

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    My post was mostly about badger vs boar rather than synthetics.

    I agree synthetics make lather quickest, use soap most efficiently, are easier to rinse and dry faster. They also hold a lot of lather and I agree that is mostly a function of brush size, including loft, rather than hair type. It's just that some hair types require compromises that others don't, which is why most badgers end up as lather hogs due to the density required to give them some backbone at any reasonable loft.

    I find synthetics better at releasing lather than a badger but not as good as my Omega boars. That just seems to just be a function of density with higher density brushes keeping more lather to themselves. I find significant benefits to a high loft, lower density and split tip brush, as a boar, that I haven't found elsewhere.

    I only prefer boar to synthetic due to face feel. That's a YMMV thing of course. I find soft synthetic fibres, to prevent floppiness, require high density with the negatives that entails. Stiffer and thicker synthetic fibres aren't soft enough at the tips as they don't split. But that can all be overcome by their greater efficiency, even at high density, so I agree on objective criteria that synthetics should rule the roost. I just prefer the "natural" feel of my boars.
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    If there were only the Plisson-style fibres available, I'd have stuck with my favourite boar and badger. The Silvertip V2 is in many brushes - Epsilon, Muhle/Jagger and Aesop... there's probably more I don't know of.

    This is a far less floppy fibre than the Plisson which I didn't like at all, and doesn't seem to firm up no matter how much you stuff it. So I get a firm brush with the med Epsilon, and just more brush on the face with the big 26mm one.
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