April 2019 SHAVING Acquisitions Thread

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Feb 27, 2017
Mail called, the Gillette Red Tip 1950’s made in England has arrived, finally at last for nearly three years of searching is over, IF, I find another English Red Tip I’ll grab it again.

Here’s another photo to see the difference from English Red Tip on the left vs the US Red Tip on the right, see the bottom of the turning dial closely to see the difference and I’m told that the English 0.81mm is more aggressive than the US 0.66mm

Lovely score @SpeedyPC. I have the left British and man it is a very efficient and smooth. My favourite TTO bar the black beauty. Now you can sell the right one to another P&Cer.

This arrival most certainly brightened up my day.........

Oh lovely razor.. gap?

Still hunting a WR-2 also?
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