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Discussion started by N_Architect, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Seen a few familiar faces from this remote yet peaceful and beautiful part of the world (that is AustralAsia) over in other forums, so I thought I should join...

    In wet shaving forums since the end of '09, been wetshaving since '04 (full time since Dec '09), lots of experiences in a journey that keeps going strong. Back then we had more or less some standard tallow soaps, Merkur razors, and a couple of artisan soap as well brush makers. How much has all this changed in a period of almost 9 years.

    Had the privilege to visit Aussieland just once so far in my life, for work, back in 2014 when while based in Singapore I was heading a region extending from Malaysia and Thailand to Australia and New Zealand. Perth and West Australia is a beautiful place indeed, I am sure the rest of the country is likewise (and so should be NZ). Would love to visit again or even come down for work permanently, as I am at the moment actively looking to return to Asia.

    My handle comes from "Naval Architect" as I am in the shipping/shipbuilding industry by profession.

    Looking forward to reading content here, as well as contributing!
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    welcome to P&C mate!. Enjoy :)
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    Hello @N_Architect and welcome. Interested in what are your go to razors, DE's, SE's, straight razors, all of the above? Look forward to your input.
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    Hi Konstantinos.
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    Thank you so much gents.
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    Welcome mate
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    Welcome, Konstantinos.
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    Welcome @N_Architect !

    A long way from Athens to Down Under - especially by ship!
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    Welcome to P&C.
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