How do you guys remove ear and nose hair?

Discussion started by 2DIE, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. todras

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    Awesome answer!
  2. Mark1966

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    Be careful what you wish for ...
  3. alfredus

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    Recently there was a Maestro Livi video of some trading show in Italy, were one of the barbers did a full hair cut just with a blow torch...
  4. walklikeaduck

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    Very slowly and carefully...
  5. Lego

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    On beard&blade, they have the GroomMate for $26.95 and also the Dovo Klipette for $44.50. Both look remarkably similar - one made in The good Ol' US of A, and the other in Germany.

    Quality usually trumps price, but overnon badger&blade forums, one fellow claims that the Dovo is actually sourced from Groom Mate.

    Can't believe everything on the internet, but they do look remarkably similar.
  6. I use my specially trained miniature nose & ear ferret!
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  7. wayne646

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    I use my Swiss army knife scissors
  8. I actually use a battery powered (1 X AA) little nose & ear clipper I bought on eBay around 2004 for about $6 and is STILL working today. True, when I'm doing my ears with the thing it usually sets off my Tinittus like mad but it works a treat.
  9. Ferret619

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    Random clipper thing that was cheap at Aldi the other week.

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