Life after Tapatalk

Discussion started by TomG, May 14, 2017.

  1. Rami

    Rami Member 2017 Sabbatical

    This is an unpopular opinion but I used to comment more often on tapa. I get why you had to let go. But I sort of miss the notifications.
  2. huntereyes_

    huntereyes_ Member

    I respectfully disagree. Those constant email notifications were a pain in the butt.
  3. Rami

    Rami Member 2017 Sabbatical

    Actually I was more talking the iPhone notifications
  4. huntereyes_

    huntereyes_ Member

    Dang! I didn't know they did those.
  5. I'm finally back after a bit of a hiatus from the forums since it was stopped on Tapatalk for good reason. Nonetheless the amount of gear I've gotten has been higher than ever prepare for more SOTD again. Happy to be back! Web browser is average, much preferred Tapatalk for me
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  6. Dragosanni

    Dragosanni Member

    I'm 56

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