Myrsol options


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Feb 8, 2011
Perth, WA
Time to restock.

I got Blue last time, and it's good, but would like to try something else.

I read that Formula F is similar to Floid. Can anyone describe the characteristics of the Antesol. None of the others appeal from what I've read. Want to choose well as I'll get a 1 litre if available



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Apr 26, 2011
Antesol - antiseptic mouthwash
Dec 26, 2015
Both the Plastic Shave and Agua Balsámica, whilst not being the greatest scents, do wonders for my skin. Myrsol scents don't last long so the scent isn't such a deal breaker. The Formula C is floral and the Limón is also a favourite (although some think is smells a little artificial)


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Oct 14, 2014
F Extra is supposed to be similar to floid. It's a powdery barbershop scent. Good menthol kick (probably the strongest of the range bar maybe K which is a strong mint)

Antisol is my favorite. Hard to describe though. C is a melons/ violets scent.

I have half a bottle of F I'd trade for something like blades or a handle if you want to try it


May 22, 2016
Agree that the scents don't last too long.
If you liked the Blue, then the F/Extra or Antesol are along the same lines scent-wise (Barbershop), but for me give better results for my skin.
The Antesol can be used as a pre-shave as well as an aftershave. I rate it highly.
I find the Plastic Shave to give a fantastic face feel - I presume due to a decent amount of lactic acid in the formula. I just find the scent a bit strange - some say it reminds them of Turkish Delight.
The Metilsol has a very medicinal scent, and is formulated for skin blemishes and/or if you've had a rough shave.
The Agua Balsamica has no menthol, and is very herbal, with Rosemary dominant. Some swear by its healing properties; I just find it OK.
Don't have the Formula C or K.
Feb 23, 2016
I have three Myrsols and I find it a bit of a hesitation to NOT reach for them.

Myrsol Agua Balsamica - As @TomG stated, the rosemary-ish balsamic scent is quite pleasant.
Myrsol Plastic Shave - Face feel is excellent, love it. Scent wise is does reminds me of turkish delights
Myrsol Antesol - Didn't quite liked it at first, but it's probably my favourite of the three now. Scent reminds me of lemon myrtle, face feel is fantastic and somewhat cooling.

Reason I tend to reach for them most, is that their scents are not over the top strong and doesn't interfere with my EdP's. In my case, scents not lasting too long is a good thing.


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Jan 25, 2012
I find the Metilsol to smell of thyme - even though Thymus vulgaris isn't in the list of ingredients according to Tom and Mark's posts


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Sep 26, 2016
I've recently gone through a bottle of the Agua Balsamica - it is fantastic stuff for post shave skin once you get over the initial memories of roast chicken (rosemary I guess).
The F/Extra is a mild version of Floid Vigoroso, Spanish Barbershop. Nice.
The Plastic Shave does feel good, but smells like rasberry cordial or cough medicine. Not in a bad way.
I sold or traded my other Myrsols (Don Miguel 1812 and Formula K) as I didnt like the fragrances.
As everyone has said, the scents fade pretty fast so not a deal breaker.