New Karve on the way (damn rabbit hole)...

Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
Yeah, it's all your fault you lot.
If you hadn't kept on about your new Karve razors I never would have known about them.
So, I wasn't fully happy with the Fendrihan stainless head. It's OK but not Mamba smooth for sure.
It does cut closer though, but I can't see me falling in love with it.
Because of all you enablers on here (you know who you are), I just ordered a Karve and a 'C' plate.
I want something Mamba smooth, but a tad more bite than a Tech. Hoping the 'C' plate will do the trick.
Will flick the Fendrihan on when the Karve arrives.
I can see a polishing job happening on it though. Those photos of polished Karves look great.
Thanks to all you enablers I just had to get one. I thought I was over buying razors (that's it, no more, really, really).
Damn rabbit hole you've dragged me down. Aaaarrrgghh!
Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
Ah @SpeedyPC , a laptop man.
I'm just rebuilding a HP laptop where the owner ignored my advice (many times) to 'back up your data'.
Then the HDD died and I was asked to help (I may be 70, but have an IT Diploma, and have repaired/built computers since Commodore 64 days).
The owner decided to undo all the base screws to get to the HDD, and then found that HP hide that away under the keyboard instead.
So, with a bit of a heave the keyboard was removed, then the top plate, but one of the 3 cables wasn't released so now I have the job of fitting a new power switch (which has a broken cable), and a new SSD, then see what I can save from an HDD that doesn't really want to spin anymore.
Well it keeps me off the streets I guess (where I could get into trouble).


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Jan 19, 2016
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Why so many plates @SpeedyPC surely you not going to use all of them?
I felt like getting all the base plate, and yes, I'm planning to use every base plate soon to give myself a full complete test drive during my shaves soon. I pretty sure either C or D and maybe E is going to be my top choice, who knows