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Discussion started by Wolf, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Wolf

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    Hi all,

    Need to get some new scales for a Henckels 7/8. Could just be repinning but I don't think the scales would survive. Anyone here provide or recommend such a service or a good place to get some scales for a diy job?(prefer to get it done properly though)
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  3. Substance

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    take a look at my work & give me a hoy if you want mate
    I'm in central QLD
    we can possibly just re-pin, repair or replace the scales completely depending current condition & what you really want
    post some pics here or send me some direct of what you are starting with & we can go from there
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  4. Wolf

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Blade could do with a little polish and there appears to be some discolouration on the blade (bluing?) but seems to be in good shape. I'm not sure if the blades survive repinning due to the crack at the hinge pin which is a shame because of the logo. Blade sticks out of the scales at the heel ever so slighty. Scales are not tight and tang touches scales when you open the razor. Blade appears to be straight however. So looking at light polish and rescaling most likely. I like some of the scales you have on your page Dion. Don't need anything too fancy. Just some acrylic scales with a (off) white wedge. I do like the 3 pins though. Perhaps you could pm me some indication of how much I might be in for. Thanks
  5. Substance

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    Is it cracked or just bashed at the pivot
    Some scale materials can last years with a crack but others fail with less damage
    The scale inlay if a metal one can be transferred onto new scales if need be
    The blade shouldn't need much to clean up the tarnish and hone
  6. Wolf

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    Looks like there could be somewhat of a crack. Depending on price I kind of like the idea of a slightly more modern jacket for my razor even if the old scales were salvageable. Did you want to give me an idea of a price range I'd be looking at?
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  7. nathan1983

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    Dion did a rescale for me a while back and it was great highly recommend him
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