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Discussion started by alfredus, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Scotty

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    Same same like todras, iinet/vpn/no issues in QLD.

    Another 18 months until NBN hits our suburb and our house with HFC. How's your HFC under load from the network, do you lose much speed? We have a great ADSL2+ connection currently and we're only about 100m away from the exchange. A bit worried about slow speeds and congestion when NBN arrives.
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    It's nothing to do with your connection type, but everything to do with your ISP and the links (peers) avaulable and the way they are routing you.

    You can run a traceroute (tracert and PM it to me, gladly will cast an eye over it.
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  3. nsavage

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    There are times when I notice a little load on the connection but nothing serious. Generally I solidly obtain speeds within 10% of the full theoretical maximum.
    Because of the nature of my HFC connection everything ends up on Telstra network infrastructure so I suspect this is where the issue lies then.
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  4. Monsta_AU

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    If it is a proper Telstra HFC connection it should be fine, direct transit from Kent St to the datacentre. Reverse traceroutes on some of your IP's goes through to that location. That said, that does not mean you are getting routed inbound the same way.

    If you are using a resold/NBN HFC connection then it should be fine to your POI, then your RSP from there. Again, only a traceroute from your end will give me the full detail. Anything Internode/iiNet should be fine as they have decent peering (NSWIX & Equinix), TPG only give their direct customers PIPE Networks peers and unfortunately I don't have a PIPE peer, it goes via Telstra. Optus might go via Vocus transit.

    I have found an issue with my secondary DNS (server borked after updates) which has now been rebuilt. Also added full SSL on it at the same time. There is a slight possibility you were getting DNS lookup latencies/failovers but once you had it cached it should have been fine for a while.
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  5. todras

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    This is my main concern with the NBN, particularly with the inferior copper mix that was deployed (rather than 1ge capable fiber to the home). I have read many threads on whirlpool, and countless reports of terrible performance, service and thruput with the NBN in NSW, so much so that I have not bothered even looking to see if it is available in the inner west of Sydney. I'm 300m from my exchange, and my naked DSL works reliably day in and day out, if I really occasionally need to upload data to my servers I just kick on the 4G and use that.

    Also, it is my personal feeling that far too many acronyms are being used in this thread with a deficient upstream provision of universal resource locater's.
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  6. nsavage

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    Joel, I will send you a traceroute from my router via PM.
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  7. borked

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    Server Borked is not available weekends :)
    They've explained my concerns, in particular the phone line issue, which is of great concern to me.
    I will be fighting to remain upon my service for as long as possible.
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  8. alfredus

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    Still horrible for me and I don't have any issues with other sites...
  9. RustyBlade

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    If dns related due to a change and have seen this before. Some devices/app still cache the older entries.
    Those with issues, clear your cache (history and site settings) from the settings menu.
    I'm in Sydney on ADSL tpg and 4G telstra with multiple devices and since yesterday I've not had a problem.
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  10. nsavage

    nsavage Member

    Seems to be primarily affecting connections which route on to Telstra transit network.
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  11. Pbgoose

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    Yep, P&C is working on my network which is through wireless NBN but it won't load through Telstra.
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  12. FluffyGroodle

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    I found the same issue with my connection. The only work around with my Telstra account is to use a VPN.
  13. lerenau

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    P&C works fine for me via mobile and at home (Internode NBN).
    But, it mis-behaves at work.

    Work is currently running over a Telstra 4G dongle... (don't ask)
  14. nsavage

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    Unfortunately a large variety of services (including Telstra Wholesale services sold via other carriers) route through the Telstra network at some point. Being on an Internode connection on HFC my service actually terminates directly on to the TPG network which then connects directly to Telstra backhaul service. The issue appears to relate to the point where the Telstra backhaul service connects to the SoftLayer network. Telstra is in the process of migrating a lot of it's services on to the SoftLayer network so I am guessing that part of that migration involves moving all (or some) of their backbone across as well.

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