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Discussion started by Daveho1, Jun 28, 2016.

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    I wish I could "Unlike" this without "Liking" it first.
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    Nothing like a "mines bigger than yours thread".Now if someone can produce a genuine Samurai sword we may get back on topic! :)
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    And prove they shave with it!
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    IMV nothing wrong with that concept at your stage of life. When my son entered the white collar work force my advice to him was that if you want to move up the ladder dress like the people that matter (management) because clothes (somewhat) make the man. Wear what your bosses do. If it's dress down Friday and you can wear jeans and the bosses wears khaki's. Follow suit. If it's dress like a chicken, clown or vagabond day - don't. Now having said that I suggest you take this advice with a grain of salt because it comes from a guy (me) that years back got sent to "Charm" school because "I needed to understand" the new crop of young employees - I guess there called millennial's now. Also, I guess I wasn't supposed to make them (it was only one) cry. Anyway for what it's worth - good luck.
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    I'll be jiggered! I haven't seen Desperate Dan since I was a sprog and that was more than 55 years ago.
    Thanks for the memory (y) .

    For 25 years I never had to worry about "Hmm, what to wear today?". On went the uniform and there I was - a "dedicated follower of fashion" (The Kinks).
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