Whats your general look?


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May 10, 2017
How many of you guys would consider yourself to be T shirt and jeans kinda guys.
I’m not a fashionable guy by any stretch, generally it’s sedated, brandless t shirts and vertx pants, very functional and easy to move around in.
I kinda subscribe to the Greyman idea of dressing and generally don’t like looking like a billboard for brand anyway.


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Apr 26, 2011
After a certain age your 'six-pack' tends to stay in 'the esky' - so t-shirts may not be the most flattering - you are a long way off that but are warned!

General look?

Work - suit, M J Bale my current go to. I have six and rotate around
Out and about - smart casual, 'chinos' (R B Sellers) or 'moleskins' / dress jeans with R M W boots and usually a long sleeve shirt. Often with a jacket (wearing a light linen jacket today in Sydney.
At home (or to hardware store) - daggy work/ casual clothes, short. worn jeans, t-shirts, whatever is at hand - must be capable of getting dirty
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Jun 28, 2017
I don't have much preferences... T-shirts, and pants that I may have. Currently I would say > 80% of the clothes I use I got from discards or from people actually leaving Tassie (it is great that two of my best mates here were really fancy, so I now have fancy clothing around). I reckon I have bougth a couple of T-shirts in the last 3 years and a pair of shoes, excluding underwear, of course. Still, I am normally well dressed
I have not wear a suit since the last wedding i attend (1997), but I like them. I would buy a couple once I get more permanently settled. For now, I will need a bigger suitcase if I leave Oz, for not having to leave any of shaving provisions, so I cannot buy stuff as If Lived permanently here xD
May 2, 2017
Work - Shorts, Polo shirt and sandals
Out and about - Shorts, Polo shirt and thongs
Home - Shorts, Polo shirt and thongs
When using my chainsaw- Jeans.Polo shirt and boots.
I hate dressing up I'll only do it for weddings and funerals.


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Oct 10, 2013
Whatever the occasion, where ever I go, I've always a suit.
In the interest of modesty,please don't ask to see it...


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Jan 25, 2012
Anything made with wicking material.
Today's look is a black work polo with Ripcurl Mirage hybrid boardshorts, and Tevas that should have been thrown away already.


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Apr 15, 2018
Friday’s is Casual Dress Day at the office and that means jeans, polo, boots....
Monday to Thursday it’s chinos/slacks, shirt....
Weekends it’s jeans/chinos/slacks, polo/shirt....
Feb 19, 2017
work pants/shorts and hi vis shirt/jumper during the week and shorts or jeans with a t shirt or hoody on weekends for me.nothing but the best in bogan wear from big w dimmeys etc lol.


Jun 24, 2018
Sarina QLD 4737
Fashionista is something I had to look up. I'm just happy if something fits.
Work: Heavy Drill cotton Hi Vis finished out with some steel cap boots and either a hard hat with brim or a sun safe hat. Great in a high humidity climate but beats getting burnt.
Casual: Jeans , chino shorts, polo or tee shirt will add a button down long sleeve when the occasion calls for it. Sneakers or Rhino industries shoes or boots.
At Home: Shorts that the wife will not let me go down the road in. Topped off with the first shirt out of the draw. Thongs ( surfer Joes or Rockies) or sneakers (broke pair of Asics).
Formal: Navy Blue ( Almost black) single breasted. Bought from a big and tall. I am ape positive. Several long sleeve shirts and ties to match. Footwear is an aging pair of julius marlow boots.
Fishing: Op shop pants and a couple of cheap long sleeve fishing shirts. Not allowed to wash these in the in the washing machine.


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Aug 23, 2012
T-shirt and shorts
I feel the heat a lot so I never wear long pants or long sleeve shirts no matter what!

Jeans, jogger pants or track pants
Light sweater
Jacket (either wool lined or synthetic down puffer jacket).

If going out casually, I'll wear jeans, long sleeve casual shirt jacket.

Breathable basketball Shorts/t-shirt
A light jacket in winters.

I work from home now but when I was office-going, I'd wear black pants, black leather shoes, rotate through 18 shirts and add in a long/heavy coat for winters.

I always hated going to the office so I was also never much interested in "office fashion", I kept it simple and only purchased more when I needed to replace something.

I am not much into brands, never have been. That said, if I'm getting a good deal, then it's not try I'll avoid branded clothes because a good deal is a good deal. The overall look/fit and feel is much more important to me.