Do you wear em?

Discussion started by Drubbing, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. RazorPlay

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    Yes they are a bit of an investment but similar to buying a decent DE or SR - they will last a lifetime if looked after in normal use (ie not used by a stockman all day every day). It will be more comfortable, look better and end up costing less than the alternatives. Unfortunately we live in a more disposable society these days...
  2. SchoolForAnts

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    My current employer has them as our uniform hat (akubra), and I have one for at home on the farm too. Winter time is only when I swap out to my tweed caps.
  3. Mark1966

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    Seems you were right. From my 19YO fashion consultant -

    'Hats are weird and kinda creepy. It makes you look like you're having a later than mid-life mid-life crisis and thinking you can be cool and pull off a hat when you can't, or you're thinking you can be a private investigator. Neither are good looks.'
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  4. alfredus

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    Just grow some hair :D :D :D
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  5. UKSteve

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    It's not sunny enough here but I would have no problem rocking a nice Panama, probably short brim though. But I'm someone who has the confidence to wear wingtips and shorts, I also couldn't give a shit about anyone else's opinion so...
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  6. Ferret619

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    Yes unfortunately dispite the precedent of fedora (Frank Santra or Indiana Jones for example) there is a much larger sub group of pompous, overly confidant douchbags who more recently have co-opted the use of this head wear which has left a significant bias for basically anyone under 30, I'm sure I can find some memes for this BRB.
    Oh BTW all hats remotely similar to a fedora are now fedoras, the need for differentiating between them is no more in the eye of the youth.
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  7. Ferret619

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    On the other hand when a fellow is launching an arctic expadition, dealing with bad guys via a whip, wearing a nice suit in a world with out technicolor or just being a badass the fedora seems to get respect.
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  8. Ferret619

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    Personally I think do what makes you happy, most days I'm in a cap and have a shemagh round my neck, not fashionable but very functional and serves more than one pourpose so I'm happy

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