Favourite Colognes and Aftershaves

Discussion started by nsavage, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. todras

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    I have not forgotten your APR samples either, I have just been flat out of late (as usual). I will be sending out yours and others on Monday :)
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  2. Showing my age here..... anyone know if Old Spice is still available anywhere, please?
  3. SpeedyPC

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    Yes @littleaussiebleeder you can get many different types of Old Spice aftershave, colognes and EdT is at @Gifts&Care.com and they do ship it to Australia and don't forget to used the P&C code for 10% off ;)

    You want Old Spice click here
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  4. Ferret619

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    I actually have a preference for Calvin Klein.
    My prefrences are CK be and one shock.
    Both arnt long lived scents but they stay close to the skin but develop well
  5. UKSteve

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    I'm liking Boellis Panama 1924 at the minute. It's like someone told Le Male to stop f****** about and grow up.
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  6. Korbz

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    I've heard that and thought about buying it ever since
  7. todras

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    Which iteration of Le Male are you referring to ?
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  8. I would like to find a cheap place to get Creed Santal. When i did my Old English shaving shop tour through London a while back i was sampling Creed off the shelf in random department stores, damn good stuff. With exchange rates back then it was ridiculously expensive. More than my meagre Government salary can afford without making my kids miss a few meals to help pay for it anyway.
    On a side note, if anyone gets the chance, DR Harris, Trumper and Tobs are within 250m of each other and well worth the visit, especially DR Harris and Tobs. Penhaligons stores are dotted all over the city. Magical time it was, magical.
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  9. Top 3 in order from best down

    APR - Monsta myrtle
    B&M - reserve classic
    Dominica bay rum and equally the bay run with lime (@borked i need more!)
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  10. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Menth Dealer Artisan Producer

    FragranceX or Fragrancenet are your best bet, they often run them with very decent specials, even with shipping they are substantially cheaper than a purchase in Australia. They also have discount coupons and codes you can apply online.
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