What base plate for Karve Christopher Bradley

Discussion started by Dustin L, May 19, 2018.

  1. lerenau

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    Agreed. Those suckers gentlemen are built extremely well in spite of the complexity involved. Whoever designed+built them was some kind of genius. It has taken 60 years and significant use of CAM to even come close to the original quality in adjustibles.

    That said, I haven't tried a Variant or Progress yet. So, maybe I need to knock 10 years off that estimate. Still amazing, though.
  2. Razor Burn

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    IMHO I'd say it's on par for aggression with the R41 but smoother and less blade feel than the Bronze OC - still enough to bite but once you perfect the angle it really shaves well. I was after a more eficient shave than the 6S on R6 plate and it offers that but YMMV and I'm aware you like them aggressive so D plate would suit you :)
  3. Kaeckerut

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    Thanks @Razor Burn . The R41 is still currently my favourite and it sounds like the D plate would be about right. E and F now just sound scary.
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  4. Razor Burn

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    Yeah the brass looks off putting so I was planning on polishing mine as some of the pic's I've seen look amazing.
    Yeah I used to fear the R41 but since I've tamed it I manage to get great shaves out of it. For me the Bronze OC offers a close shave but is more suited to a few days growth as I don't particularly enjoy the blade feel on my face as a daily shaver. The Karve D plate really shaves close as in my two shaves I was left with minor nicks so if you're not careful it will bite but no irritation which is great. Only dislike is the blade over hang which is a tad extreme for my liking but really worth the hype. :)
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  5. Errol

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    I had it all worked out that I would start on #C plate but when I opened the razor the #D plate was attached so what the heck I'll give it a run. Simply superb. Never got to the #C plate. Like some of the other posts, I agree that the blade overhang is just a little too much, maybe feeling worse by the cut out on the ends of the cap.
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  6. LukehGee

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    Seen in Instagram he has posted out 50 orders today. That's 50 closer!
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  7. Rami

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    What Instagram?
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  8. LukehGee

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  9. LukehGee

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    Got a shipping email today! The eagle has left the nest!
  10. nav1

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    Was it with tracking number etc or just sa email from Chris stating it's been shipped?
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  11. LukehGee

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    @nav1 Just the email saying it was shipped

    Edit: I think you had to pay extra for tracking?
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  12. nav1

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    I finally got an official shipment email but no tracking number.

    Hopefully there'll be no issues.
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  13. Rami

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    Gotten the razor this week. Had a quick shave yesterday.

    Not really hype. Went with c blade and had a very good shave. Guess a few razors are going to hit bst.
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