Shave of the Day Thread - 2018

Discussion started by Mark1966, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    As long as the Gillette Fat Boy 58 D4 is well oiled and been looked after hanging the rack he doesn't mind having a very long restful quiet sleep and he won't be forgotten.
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  2. UKSteve

    UKSteve Member


    Chiseled Face & Zoologist Macaque
    Certifyd 5
    King Pelican 32

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  3. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Date: 16 April 2018

    Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
    Brush:- RazoRock Plissoft Synth. 24/57mm knot
    Soap/Cream:- Palmolive Classic (european version 3 shave sticks grated into a 150 ml plastic tub)
    Razor/Blade:- Merkur 34C / Gillette Nacet #6
    Post-shave:- Thayers Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil / Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic
    Fragrance:- L'eau D'issey Pour Homme
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  4. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Artisan Producer Menth Dealer


    Chatillon Lux Pre Shave Butter
    Paladin PK-47
    Wolfman WR1 OC
    Saponifico Varesino Mirto di Sardegna
    AdP Colonia Intensa

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  5. beerhog

    beerhog Member

    Brush:maggard synth
    Blade: 7 o'clock yellow(1)
    Post: apr saa splash
    Used the general yesterday so needed a mild shave this morning and that's what I got with a dfs result.
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  6. Pbgoose

    Pbgoose Member

    Soap: Pb French Green Garden
    Brush: Epsilon Horse
    Razor: TI Bijou de France
    Post: Jojoba Oil
    AS: APR Alfredus Choice
    Got the lather to where I wanted it this morning. I had very high expectations for this soap as I had combined features in the base that worked well in other soaps. It was very nice to use but not quite the revelationary experience I thought it would be.:) The camphor note in the lavandin gave an almost mild menthol feel. The scent was very fresh with plenty of lime coming through with some citrus. I thought it paired well with Alfredus Choice this morning. I think I will enjoy using this soap but was using The Green Mac as a direct comparison for slickness which turned out not that helpful as they are very different beasts. But that's part of the fun in this game, there's such a broad range of experiences to be had in shaving soaps, who would've thought.
    I gave a soap sample to a mate yesterday who gives no time or thought to his shower shave w/ a cart routine. It may be too late for him to be turned. We shall see.:sneaky:
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  7. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    How do you find the TI? Is it the one that had issues?
  8. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Progress XL w/Polsilver (5)
    Razorock Bruce synth
    SV Dolomiti
    Anherb balm

    I just adore the scent of dolomiti !!!
    SV has to be the easiest loading soap I have ever used. A few swirls on the puck and I get tons of rich lather!
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  9. Greenpike

    Greenpike Member

    An old favourite returns. Sadly the Tuscan Oud has lost some of its scent strength but RR is always a great soap for me. Also it's finally cool enough to try Bogart One Man Show Our Edition EdT. Wow. Smokey boy today. Let's see what the world thinks...
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  10. Pbgoose

    Pbgoose Member

    It’s a beautiful razor. Yes it had issues but not major ones, they were easily resolved with honing. I honed with tape first to preserve the spine but the bevel is a little thin so next honing will be without tape. The steel was very nice to hone, it was very satisfying watching the bevel develop/polish. It feels nice in the hand to shave and performs well. Bit like your Fili, doesn’t blow my other razors away, well not my better ones, but it’s definitely up there.
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  11. fruityasu

    fruityasu Member

    What a beautiful razor....Exquisite
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  12. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    Semogue 1800, MWF, Mingshi, Polsilver, Witch Hazel, Viet Cheap'n'Smelly
    Something different for a Monday.Started with the Bengall but something didn't feel right so I grabbed the clone set on 6 for first pass WTG then finished with second pass on 3 XTG on cheeks and chin.Setting 6 is a bit aggressive but a steady hand gives a great result.I don't know what happened with the Bengall,just felt a bit "grabby" and only did one stroke on cheek and will have a look at it tomorrow to sort it.Pretty happy with the Mingshi,for a razor under $14 delivered it does a bloody good job.
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  13. fruityasu

    fruityasu Member

    What a fantastic collection....Well done....
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  14. fruityasu

    fruityasu Member

    Yes they look interesting....I've been looking for them myself....
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  15. sealer

    sealer Member

    Pre: A bit of Hot water
    razor: Merkur 42c+UFO Goliath
    blade: Feather
    brush: BSB2 silvertip
    soap: APR Fougere Bourbon Rose
    splash: Floid suave
    balm: TSW

    A classic, and terrific, shave for me. No proofs today, phone's battery was flat
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  16. JohnB413

    JohnB413 Member


    April 16, 2018 - Monday

    Prep: Shower, Stirling Sandpiper
    Brush: Majesto Shaving - 30mm Silvertip Fan
    Razor: Antique Bronze Wolfman WR1-DC(0.74) on WRH-2
    Blade: Astra SP (4)
    Lather: Chatillon Lux/Declaration Grooming - Fourth & Pine - Soap
    Post Shave: Chatillon Lux - Fourth & Pine - Aftershave

    Great citrus shave today. Finally starting to feel like a normal person after this head cold started up last week. Had requested off Thursday & Friday to get some of our bathroom finished up and could barely work on it due to the sickness. Still coughing and have a stuffy nose but getting there. Now back to the work grind.
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  17. tim33z

    tim33z Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail


    Excellent first shave with this soap. The scent was not strong at all but performance to me was top notch!
    The only plate used today was the R2 for 3 passes and touch up. Amazing!
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  18. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Artisan Producer Menth Dealer


    Chatilon Lux pre-shave Butter
    M&F L& 28mm
    Wolfman WR1|WH2 OC
    AP Reserve General Ledger Soap/Splash
    Houbigant Fougère Royale EDP
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  19. LukehGee

    LukehGee Member

    Saturday night shave;
    Rockwell 6S R3 w/ Gillette 7 o'clock
    Semouge 830
    B&M Reserve Fern Soap
    AP Reserve General Ledger Splash and EdP

    This mornings SOTD


    Rockwell 6S w/ Vokshod on R4
    Semouge 830
    B&M Leviathan soap and splash

    Been all over the place last with days so missed posting saturdays.

    Today's very smooth and this scent is awesome.
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  20. Rabid Badger

    Rabid Badger Member

    1. Preshave: Shiner Gold
    2. Blade:Astra Superior Platinum
    3. Razor: ATT S2, colossus handle
    4. Soap:B&M First Snow
    5. Brush:Sam and Son 30mm Silvertip
    6. Postshave: Razorock evil eye wax
    7. Earworm: I Will Remember You, Kenny Rogers
    Love this razor and the soap really worked for me this morning, got an excellent 3 pass shave with lather still left on the brush.
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