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Discussion started by Itsonlyblood, May 14, 2017.

  1. My sister's husband owns four curry restaurants in Sydney and he apparently has been eating currants with his curry since he was a little boy in Goa. He got me onto it and I love them!
  2. eggbert

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    All good, just my personal opinion (and therefore the law) that fruit in savoury dishes doesn't go, other than in the exceptions that prove the rule.
  3. Glen

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    A 3 week pork diet? How did that work? No red meat, just pork?
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  4. alfredus

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    I must confess, not every meal was purely pork,but I believe I had pork every day :D

    Was stellar - I really do miss pork a lot in OZ, you don't get good quality pork so easily and of course you don't get many of the dishes...but I am looking forward to some cleansing Asian dishes now
  5. A very generous portion of last night's leftover curry... and it smells stronger than last night as the Child-bride is reheating it ATM! The bloody Vindaloo will be interesting a second night! It was hot enough last night. My taste buds are still recovering!
  6. beerhog

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    Had rabbit and cider stew with dumplings tonight. Thoroughly delicious.
  7. SpeedyPC

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  8. Mark1966

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    Pizza - in London? Not a good sign! :)
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  9. Benjamin

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    Crockpot Thai Peanut Chicken, my first crockpot effort. :shame:
  10. sealer

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    beans stew... Why didn't I saw this thread? I had yesterday some tassie lobster and bluefin :(
    I could have made a picture with a razor on the dish, for cutting the tail ha ha
  11. SpeedyPC

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    @Mark1966 you'll love the Homeslice Neal's Yard is the name of the restaurant which is located at 13 Neal's Yard, London.....there service, food, value and the atmosphere is fantastic ;)(y):happy:

    Web:- http://www.homeslicepizza.co.uk/
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